The veins which bring blood to the vessel of your eyes are known as periorbital veins. Usually, these veins are not visible and serve an essential function. But due to some reasons such as age, genetics, or any other health issues, these veins become visible under your eyes, primarily blue, yellow, or purple colors. When these veins become visible under a person’s eyes, he seems more tired or aged. Some people even feel discomfort when these periorbital veins condition are exposed to excessive heat, such as after a hot shower or exposure to the midday sun.

Causes Of Periorbital Veins Condition

Some of the leading causes of periorbital veins condition are the following:


The skin under your eyes is a thin and sensitive layer known as “tear through .”When a person grows older, the skin under the eyes starts looking semi-transparent, and veins under the eye become more visible. Aging is a significant cause of periorbital veins condition.


Continuous sun exposure several times a day without having protective sunglasses can make the periorbital veins prominent under the skin.

Skin color:

If you have translucent skin or pale skin color, there is a greater chance that periorbital veins become visible under your eyes at a very young age because of your skin tone.


Prominent periorbital veins condition tends to run in families. If your family members, such as your parents or siblings, have this condition, then there is a greater chance that you also have this periordial veins condition.


Some lifestyle activities such as smoking or taking artificial tanning also damage your skin and vascular system. These activities can also damage your eyes and makes your periorbital veins more visible.

Treatment of Periorbital Veins Condition

There are several ways to treat periorbital veins condition, but always remember that treating this issue is just for looking beautiful; it is not a health necessity. Having a periorbital veins condition in old age is quite normal. Some of the common ways to treat periorbital veins conditions are the following:

Home Remedies:

Some home remedies are also helpful in making your under-eye veins less visible. Home remedies are simple, cheap, and easily accessible for everyone. One method to treat visible periorbital is placing a cool object such as a cold compress, iced spoon, or cucumber on and under your eyes. These remedies help to make the veins less visible and constrict.

Under Eyes Fillers:

Under-eyes fillers are another option to treat periorbital veins condition. A cosmetic surgeon uses dermal filler to fill your under-eye part by adding thickness or texture to that area. These fillers are not permanent; you must get this treatment every six months to make your periorbital veins less visible. The dermal filler process only takes an hour and has less risk and side effects than other surgical treatments, and this method is less costly than other invasive treatments for the patient.

Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy is also helpful in treating your periorbital veins condition. The doctor will seal your periorbital veins and blood vessels in laser therapy. Recovery time in this treatment is minimal, but several rounds of treatment are required. Laser therapy has the least side effects and risks, but this treatment is quite expensive compared to other treatments.

Surgical Excision:

In surgical excision, the surgeon uses a small incision and removes the more visible parts of your veins. This method is a bit risky and done by an expert surgeon with excellent experience removing veins from under the eyes or the face. This method is quite expensive and requires some downtime for recovery. This method has numerous risks and side effects, such as infection or blood clotting, so this process is usually the least recommendable.

Use Of Concealers:

Makeup is the most accessible way to cover under-eye veins or dark circles. These liquids and power concealers quickly cover the veins without any side effects or pain. This method is not permanent but valuable whenever you have to cover your periorbital veins; apply a small amount of concealer with powder, and it is done.


Sclerotherapy is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat periorbital veins. A small needle is used during this procedure; this needle is filled with a solution that is further injected into the patient’s eyes, turning periorbital veins to collapse and fade. The whole treatment process takes 15 minutes, and the patient faces minimum pain in this process. The results of sclerotherapy are most satisfying and lasting compared to other treatments. Periorbital veins respond well to sclerotherapy as compared to other treatments.

Which Treatment Will Be Best For You?

The eyes are the highly delicate and sensitive part of the body. So, it is essential to consult an expert surgeon before taking such eye treatments. A cheap or un-experienced cosmetic surgeon can cause damage to your skin and eyesight and may with long time damage to your eyes. If you are concerned about your visible periorbital veins, consult with an expert who will recommend treatments by taking notice of your health history. He also referred you to an expert cosmetologist if you are interested in surgical excision, dermal fillers, or laser therapy.