Whether you are seeking life changing treatment for debilitating chronic venous insufficiency or cosmetic treatment of spider veins your phlebologist should be well-versed in all aspects of venous and lymphatic medicine.

Experience and Expertise

Drs. Robin and Velis are experts in treating a wide range of conditions and treatment modalities and prescribe treatment that’s tailored to your condition and not pigeon holed to their practice. In any situation, a phlebologist should be able to offer the treatment most appropriate for your condition.

A Team Approach

VeinCare Experts practices a highly collaborative philosophy. Our doctors work closely with ultrasound technicians, nursing staff and office staff to ensure optimal outcomes. This team approach has proven to be one of the defining characteristics of our practice.

A Track Record of Successful Outcomes

Veteran doctors, nurses and technicians with a long history in vein care and the latest therapies will invariably result in successful treatment.

The Doctor Patient Relationship

Regardless of your medical condition a doctor should thoroughly explain your condition, outline courses of treatment and seek your input into developing a plan. This collaborative approach is both patient-centered and assures that you’re treated as a person and not as a condition.

Certification, Expertise, and Skill

Continuing education in the latest techniques, treatments and outcomes is important in knowing that you’re receiving the best care. Your phlebologist should maintain Board Certification in his/her primary specialty. A phlebologist who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM) has demonstrated a very high level of experience and knowledge. Ultrasound technician and/or physicians should be certified in ultrasound and vascular diagnostic techniques (RVT, RPVI, RDMS, RPhS).

A Commitment to Excellence

Just as multiple certifications, expanded expertise and skill are indicators of a highly successful practice, it’s just as important to examine your doctor’s and staff’s curriculum vitae (CV). A practice that can demonstrate a high-degree of practical as well as academic accomplishment illustrates how immersed they are in vein treatment. In addition, involvement and leadership in national and global medical societies is yet another indication of how a physician is judged by their peers. And finally, outcome transparency is a key in judging how well a practice treats a patient and their condition.